dev1ce goes after Thorin on Twitter

Phillip Rasmussen
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Even though dev1ce claimed that Astralis had adjusted to their new reality of playing with Snappi and JUGi, he couldn't help shoot back at Thorin when the "Esports Historian" fired at them for losing to karrigan. He even rage-tweet-deleted a second response, but alas, on Twitter there are people with faster fingers than you Nico, so the proof is there. neL couldn't believe Thorin's choice of words, and frankly, neither could we.

The loss eliminated Astralis from Blast Premier, which prompted fans and pundits alike to question their overall ability. The reactions gained attention from across the scene, and even made other players speak out in defense of the Danes. None so eloquent as w0xic' though. We stan you 100%, w0xic. Dickheads.

As a curious tail to the story of Astralis and their 7-man lineup, Snappi who has been standing in for them lately, has officially transferred from Heroic to TIGER according to DeKay. No, we don't have a clue either.

June 7, 2020

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