device explains Astralis burn-out woes

Elliott Griffiths
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device was put in the hotseat on the HLTV Confirmed podcast, and he came across really well, discussing all the six man roster questions.

The big points were that he believed having six players is worse than having five, which... well, is kind of obvious. Especially when it's JUGi, rifling.

In fairness, device basically said that JUGi had never played a role that wasn't a primary AWP, but Tom Crui- device said he was in a good spot physically and mentally and really wanted to stay on the sniper. He really just pulled rank and alpha'd JUGi off.

He said xyp9x's break was unplanned and came as a shock - but it was probably more of a shock to us - and it seemed a bit suspicious to us, like he was a little frustrated at xyp. That might just be us wanting there to be some conflict in paradise, like when you hear your 'perfect family' neighbours arguing over dinner.

He also admitted he didn't know if a seven man roster was a good idea and that they didn't want to try it at all, which fed into our suspicions on xyp9x vs device.

We recommend listening to the whole thing if you're an Astralis fan, but for the rest of us, a small summary is probably fine. aizyesque wishes he didn't have to listen to the whole section, but that's the pain he's willing to take for you guys.

June 25, 2020

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