device just can’t catch a break (metaphorically)

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

Who would you say is the one player that NiP can’t afford to lose right now?

If you said ‘the guy they spent $1m on’, then we personally find it quite strange that you answer written questions out loud. But, you would be correct.

They don’t have much choice in the matter, however, as device is taking a health break and might be away for a few months, if reports are to be believed.

He has mentioned in the past his issues with IBS and acid reflux that are likely what has flared up again - especially as it’s amplified by stress. In his stead, it seems phzy will be stepping in to the main team.

Which does mean there’s an open spot on the academy team; which appears to be filled by Jackinho. The guy had a torrid time on fnatic, but he seems like a driven and likeable guy, so we’re happy to see him have another shot at the dream.

This is a real problem for NiP. They spent a lot of money on one player, and that one player who was supposed to elevate them has not only taken longer to do so than they expected (if we’re being generous), but also now misses a whole lot of time.

NIP are going into BLAST without their one million dollar man, and probably into a few more tournaments - which hurts their chances at winning any of them.

Stop laughing, they really were going to win this one.

January 23, 2022

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