dexter's laboratory and the flipping of the world

Elliott Griffiths
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When mousesports signed dexter, they asked him to win groups and tournaments. Of course, though, he's Australian - so everything he does is upside down.

In fact, the whole of Group B is upside down. If we asked you to pick one team that went through and one that didn't, you'd probably assume mouz, FaZe and Vitality went through, and NiP, ENCE and G2 went back home.

We can try and find some logic in Group B, but when NiP win a group, all logic goes out of the window. ENCE went back in time to become a competent group of players, and NiKo on the AWP did what ZywOo couldn't; qualify.

What's the point? Why do we even try to explain what's happening?

It's not even like ropz or ZywOo played badly, or NiKo went 1v9 mode. NiP winning the group because nawwk wins 9 1vx's, sure, we guess that explains that a little bit.

But Snappi winning six of them, Spinx carrying, kennyS being the problem, NiP winning with ztr doing less damage than anyone else? None of it makes sense.

Is HLTV broken? Has dexter flipped the whole world upside down in that laboratory of his, in some sort of twisted payback for Australian jokes?

If so, we might have angered him even more. Sorry about that.

March 18, 2021

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