DH Open Fall playoffs kick off

Gijs Verhoeff
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With a playoff bracket that takes up your entire screen, things can get pretty complicated when trying to figure out DreamHack Open Fall. Luckily for you, we're here, and we're about to TL;DR things up hard.

"To understand the present and future, we need to learn from the past" - A wise man, some time ago, somewhere. For us, that means looking at the group stage first. Crazy right?

As aizyesque predicted, mousesports were the disappointment of Group A - although they did manage double figures - losing to OG of all teams, and going out last. Fnatic and Vitality especially, were on top of their game, and OG managed to tag along.

Group B was a bit more normal, with Astralis and G2 topping the group, and only Heroic showing a not so top of the rankings performance, but still making it out above Endpoint. The latter did manage more rounds than mousesports, which is a saddening statistic if your name is Karrigan.

BIG and GODSENT headlined Group C - the former expectedly, and the latter surprisingly - with solid performances, GODSENT even almost upsetting the Germans in a long Bo3. FaZe just beat out sAw for third place, nearly falling to the Portuguese in three maps.

And finally, Group D was a total surprise. North - yes Norph - took first place, NiP came along as second, and Sprout followed as third, leaving ENCE and their extra firepower empty handed.

What this all means is that Astralis, GODSENT, North, Fnatic, BIG, G2, Vitality and NiP start off in the upper bracket, and Sprout, Heroic, OG and FaZe Clan will have to make do with the Lower Bracket. This makes the EU RMR pretty interesting, especially the top ten, with teams like Sprout or North being able to take a shot at qualifying for the Major, whenever it may be.

October 18, 2020

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