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Elliott Griffiths
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If you've been on G2, or their owner, Ocelote's Twitter account, you probably wouldn't know that they're currently defecating the bed in IEM New York - because they're constantly tweeting memes you probably don't understand about the League of Legends World Championship.

It's hard to blame them for trying to shift focus - hell, we're not even sure G2 know they're in a CS:GO tournament, as they're yet to show up.

Well... in their defence, they've come pretty close in all four maps, but they haven't won any of them. A 2-0 loss to Fnatic followed an opening 2-0 loss to Complexity and left them packing their bags and flying back hom- ah, we're still not used to this online thing.

OG joined Vitality in the semi-finals after taking top spot by beating FaZe, with Fnatic, Complexity, BIG and FaZe duking it out for the remaining two spots. FaZe are as inconsistent as ever, with Fnatic still seemingly desperate for LAN to come back to show their true form.

BIG, of course, are usually the opposite to that.

The North American groups look exactly as you'd expect, except maybe the New American Whalers who were 3rd in Group A, though a loss to Evil Geniuses might leave them below that. They beat ImPerium in a clash involving some of the weirdest name players you've ever seen.

We'd love to see BOOBIE join NiP, personally.

October 8, 2020

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