Dignitas and FPX add General Managers

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: @fifflaren and @pecagg

We're not sure how many times we're going to get to use the 'bringing the Phoenix back to life' angle, but it'll probably be less times than we see someone try to resurrect the old NiP core's dying careers.

Clearly the powers that be weren't happy with Dignitas' performance, though we're not sure what they expected. Not content with just changing two players, they've also brought in vENdetta as a head coach, while Fifflaren, who previously held the role, has moved on to be VP of Esports.

vENdetta may be a philosopher in CS terms, but Dig need the Philosopher's stone to turn their deadweight into gold.

FunPlus Phoenix, on the other hand, have brought in peca as their GM. Apparently he built the original Valiance lineup, but we don't know either.

He has until November to build a five-man team with a coach ready to try and win FLASHPOINT, and, clearly wary of time, wants players to "feel free to reach out to me via email or Twitter at any time".

We're not sure how we thought transfers happened, but it wasn't like this. This has big 'need a gf DMs open' energy.

FPX have been burnt before by signing players without a GM so now they've gone the more professional route of... asking players to DM them on Twitter.

Whatever works, we guess.

peca might have the hardest job in CSGO right now - he needs to build a squad out of thin air and win FLASHPOINT in about a month. The only person who might have a harder job is woxic trying to understand a Brummie accent while he's playing.

September 27, 2020

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