Dignitas turn off the life support

Elliott Griffiths
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Personally, we’re amazed that Dignitas weren’t in CSGO for the long term benefits.

A team with friberg and f0rest on it just screams ‘long term planning’.

Dignitas have officially announced their departure from CSGO and the subsequent releasing of their players, meaning they’re all available to be signed.

f0rest had been standing in for fnatic, and would now be free to pursue that as a full-time position; while friberg will surely transition into a non-playing role.

That said, EYEBALLERS are going for the nostalgic vibe, so you never know. friberg might be able to continue his streak of eight years running with an under 1.00 rating.

hallzerk is the one young player who comes out of Dignitas and might be looking for a good move; the Norwegian is a capable AWPer who still has his best years ahead of him.

He’s not exactly ripped it up on Dignitas, but he looked good before he joined - but his biggest issue will be that there are no Norwegian teams worth joining, nor Swedish teams any more.

It’s always sad to lose a decent org who invested in Counter-Strike, but ironically enough given their name, this project always looked DOA.

June 19, 2022

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