Don’t get lost in the Source (2)

Jack Honeywell
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Illustration by NovaH.

With all the ten-year anniversary hype there’s been one thing on everyone’s mind: Source 2. But what does that actually mean for everybody’s favourite game?

Well luckily for us, our good friend Nors3 broke down some of his thoughts in a thread this week. Don your tin-foil-hats and follow me.

The big question for a while has been: “What difference will it actually make?” and Nors3 seems to think… not much at all.

Some aspects of the new engine are already included in the game, notably the Panorama UI which has been a feature for four years - yes, four years.

A big change would be the shift in physics engine. CS:GO currently runs on Havok, whereas Source 2 is built around Rubikon (yeah, like the drink).

This would affect things like ragdolls and weapon drops but thankfully not nades, as they are calculated using big complicated maths and not with in-game physics. This means no need to relearn the nade lineups we definitely all knew already and never missed, like ever.

Another benefit of Source 2 would be the new Hammer SDK. This is basically the tool that people use to make custom maps - which are already a defining feature in the community. More options for mapmakers would mean better visuals, smaller file sizes, and things running faster (hopefully).

Overall - from what we know - Source 2 isn’t gonna change much about how the game is played. What it will do is act as a framework that allows for better optimizations and updates in the future.

Find out in the next update, ten years from now.

August 21, 2022

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