Don’t talking please

Gijs Verhoeff
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✉️ Don’t shoot the messenger

  • zonic’s a little too enthusiastic for some of the people at Valve, apparently.
  • There’s nothing quite like starting your day off by paying $125.000 in back tax.

💩 Sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe…

  • It’s okay brzer, we all know that feeling on Ancient.
  • It’s never easy to know why you lost a game - because you were bad or they were just too good - so MSL has us covered for G2 and Vitality.

🤖 Gotta stay with the times

  • We think it’s long overdue tournaments start upholding TSA level safety standards.

😢 The sad side of esports

  • TITANS is already shutting down so quickly after starting up. No way up for MSL…
  • They aren’t the only ones unfortunately, as Finest is also closing its doors.
October 6, 2022

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