Doomscrolling during officials

Harry Richards
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😴 Sleeping at the wheel

  • Counter-Strike gets boring sometimes. We’ve all had a scroll on Twitter mid-round, let’s be honest. But maybe not when you’re a professional player, hades.
  • Or when you’re producing IEM Katowice, ESL. Tut tut.

🪦  Dead teams

  • Danish org Tricked are shuttering their esports operations, joining Copenhagen Games on the Danish CS dump heap.
  • Cloud9 were pronounced doomed by us all after that IHC game. But did we so too early?

🔙  To nostalgia

  • YEKINDAR is missing some competent leadership, so he hooked up for a chat with Jame. And filmed it!
  • Wideswings just hit different in 2015, didn’t they?
  • Some madlads found yet another OP boost on Overpass, and even used it against flusha and JW. Chef’s kiss.
February 9, 2023

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