Dosia X God is mortal after all

Elliott Griffiths
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  • The one and only Russian Major champion and womanizer Dosia was recently banned on Twitch. He was just too hot to handle...
  • ENCE have decided to become that one annoying friend who participated in an exchange program and correct everyone on the pronunciation of Jamppi.
  • If you were still wondering why a certain competing FPS is not as good as Counter-Strike, then wonder no more as Beyond The Summit has you covered. Just good old fashioned shootin'
  • Thorin has done it again. In a new show called Strat Book he sits down with the masterminds of CS to talk about, well... CS. Episode one sees him talk with Peacemaker. Maybe we'll finally know why he leaves and rejoins all his teams?
  • We're happy to report that we aren't the only ones getting CS:GO'd. We feel you NAF.
  • Despite their loss in the Grand Final of cs_summit 6 Europe, Vitality are still most definitely confirmed to be the first team at the Rio Major. Way to go ZywOo team!
  • n0thing and MDL have come out with a series of educational videos about CS and what mistakes to avoid, including what to do and what not to do on Dust 2. Our recommendation? Don't queue Dust 2.
  • meyern went in to detail about his time on MIBR with HLTV, stating that he doesn't feel he was the right piece of the puzzle that is MIBR. We don't think anyone knows for sure who is though, meyern.
July 5, 2020

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