draken speaks out about his return

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: GUILD

We stan an honest king.

Many people didn’t like draken for a perceived arrogance, and he’s well aware of that. In fact, he meets the point head-on in a revealing interview with HLTV.

He refers to it as an ‘ego-trip’, and speaks candidly about why he was kicked from NIP - he fell out with dennis, and was being cocky on Twitter and ‘speaking his mind’. You can fill in the blanks as to what that means.

Everyone knows somebody who has claimed they are ‘brutally honest’, and they’re usually... a word we won’t use this early in the morning.

He mentioned that the move to fnatic made things worse; while NIP were super chilled out, fnatic tilted pretty hard, and that exacerbated the Swede’s own tilting issues.

He claims that now he’s back to Counter-Strike he’s toned it all down, and he’s going to stop trying to be the ‘showstopper’... oh, and he’s watching more sh1ro and broky.

Yeah, that’s exactly what we needed more of. Boring AWPers who save as soon as the round becomes a 45% chance to win. What’s the point in draken if he’s going to be passive and boring?

We were rooting for your comeback, draken, until you said that. We want the wild, flashy, swashbuckling AWPer we loved back in 2018.

We’ll let him off, though. Near the end he does say CSGO is a better game than VALORANT.

You’ll do for us, bud.

April 10, 2022

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