Drama in Brazil

Elliott Griffiths
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What's Portuguese for 'respect your elders'?

We thought it might be "vocês são uns merdas", which is what fer told FURIA. Twitter Translate says that's something that might not pass the new CSGO chat filter, though.

Why, exactly, are MIBR so angry? We... we're not entirely sure. It seems to be because FURIA followed the rules regarding round restarts. The rule states that regardless of crashes, if damage is done, the round isn't restarted.

fer died due to this crash in a pretty important round, and it seems FURIA didn't restart the round due to some grenade damage. Once FURIA had proof, it seemed they rolled it back. So like, it all seems okay. MIBR even won. CHILL OUT.

As michau outlines, the rule is a bit outdated and broken. But MIBR are no stranger to breaking rules in important games... Come to Brazil, Professeur. How dare you post incriminating but real evidence.

MIBR face EG next, after the Geniuses masterminded their way past Liquid. Seems they've awoken from their recent slumber - even tarik only went -3.

June 18, 2020

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