Dreams of Fragifornication

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: Fragadelphia

Great news for European academy teams with free time and low standards.

The next version of Fragadelphia has been announced, this time with a 100k USD prize pool. Yes, 100 thousand. That’s a one, and then five zeroes.

While there was only three non-NA teams last time around, that prize pool might tempt a few more over. We saw Apeks Rebels slap a couple of NA teams around, and with such a big prize pool it might be worth a little trip to NA.

Hell, there’s two qualifiers in California. If you’re a young player in Europe, try and convince your organisation to pay for you to go to Cali and play some CS with the 100k prize pool as leverage.

Is this in the spirit of the competition? Not really, no. Is it your best chance at winning that much money as a middling European team?

No comment.

We jest, but this is obviously a good thing for the NA scene. That’s a whole lot of money that should encourage the players in the scene to take it seriously.

Frag has often been a bit of a jovial, juvenile affair - but it’s now become the premier opportunity for NA players and teams to make a name for themselves. With so much money on the line, that should breed competition and improve the scene as a whole.

NA CS isn’t saved, but it’s a nice step.

March 27, 2022

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