EG are fixed!

Elliott Griffiths
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What is the biggest problem in Evil Geniuses?

If you answered the uppity IGL who decided Grim should be a support for him, who is mainly famous for running through smokes, you’d be wrong.

If you answered the AWPer who hasn’t been good for about two years in an era where the AWP is dominant, you’d be wrong.

If you said that hanging on for hope that Brehze will come good, or that autimatic will somehow be reverted back to 2018 when all the other teams were a bit rubbish, you’d be wrong.

Apparently, it was well-respected coach, maLeK, who has been ‘moved to a non-active role’. The first casualty of this catastrophe was maLeK and the supporting staff.

Who apparently found out via the same Twitter post we just linked. If you scroll down there, too, you’ll find some chirping from everyone’s favourite AWPers about their experience of being cut in unfair ways.

EG have been, for want of a better word, shambolic so far this year. Actually, we don’t need a better word. That one is perfect. Quite what made them think maLeK was the issue is beyond us; it seems more likely maLeK just walked out because he had to deal with Americans.

We know we would.

May 12, 2022

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