EG continues the losing streak

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We’ve made it folks! It’s the last week of the incredibly long ESL Pro League group stage, which means we are close to finding out the full playoffs and which teams will be fighting for 175k and…a slot at BLAST World Finals.

This week we have the battle of The Americas, with one of EG’s rosters, Team Liquid, Furia, and…can we call Cloud9 North American? Probably not. We’re going to anyway.

It’s been a very split group so far, with three teams going 2-0 while the other three go 0-2.

Furia currently is in first place in the group due to their round win differential, with a 2-0 record and a 4-1 map score after Thursday's games.

Maybe not making any roster changes was the way to go. Seems to be working out better than whatever is happening with EG, who got double digits in just one of the four maps they’ve lost so far.

The last time EG won anything in EPL was when Astralis' core was still playing and FNATIC was Swedish. Those were the days.

Cloud9, North America’s best hope for ever winning (another) major, also has gone 2-0 to start the week. They’ve got a 1.2 average rating as a team after two games, and the lowest two players on the team rating-wise both have 1.09s.

They also, despite being the only of the three teams with wins to not drop a map, somehow have a lower round differential than Furia. Eternal Fire really brought the heat by getting double digits in both their games on Thursday.

The third undefeated team is Team Liquid, the only (mostly) North American team actually winning rounds in this group.

One could argue that their wins are in large part due to the one non-North American player on their roster.

We won’t be arguing that today. YEKINDAR is an honorary American or something, with how many wins he’s getting TL.

His lowest map rating right now is a 1.22, on a map that they LOST 16-14 to Movistar Riders.  Steve better shell out however much it takes to keep this guy on TL, especially with oSee struggling so far in the groups.

The real fun questions will come when the three top teams have to face each other.

Will this turn into a weird rock paper scissors situation where large cats beat horses, horses beat clouds, and clouds beat cats? Will YEKINDAR ever get less than a 1.2 rating? Will EG actually make it to the event?

Well, that one is unlikely, but as for the rest of them, we’ve got three more days to see.

September 23, 2022

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