EG is doing it

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... well, sort of.

Doing it, in this context, means “has not yet been eliminated from the qualifier” which is accurate. The North Americans are still in the RMR. A big achievement given recent performance.

So far, they’ve managed to survive with a 3-2 record that sees them playing 9z today for a chance to play Pain later for the final spot of the RMR.

It’s perhaps a sign of the state of NA CSGO that this is considered a big accomplishment, but it’s certainly better than the six teams who are already managed to get eliminated.

EG held onto their chance on Thursday with a 2-1 win over the Party Astronauts, and they genuinely looked pretty okay. Brehze, RUSH, and autimatic ended the series with over 1.2 ratings each, though Stewie was once again underwhelming.

On the plus side for you NA readers, two other American teams have already qualified. Both Liquid and Complexity made it alongside the four Brazilian rosters of FURIA, MIBR, Imperial, and paiN.

Will EG take the spot? We think they need to. Anything that isn’t qualifying will at this point be a huge disappointment. Their current roster has had serious difficulties and a failure to qualify for this major would likely have many calling for a change.

There are only three teams left in the balance. Tune in to the games today to see who will get it.

April 14, 2022

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