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Elliott Griffiths
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We might be on gamer hours, but there’s wall-to-wall 24/7 Counter-Strike and even the TLDR elves need the odd 10-12 hours of sleep.

We’ve covered as much as we can manage of the NA RMR before the night-time fairies take us away (and this edition has to be scheduled and sent off to you):

Liquid smacked 00NATION - obviously - and FURIA swept away TeamOne cleanly to open it all up. Easy peasy. No surprises there.

A more even game went the way of BESTIA who you might know as ex-Isurus. No, nothing? They’re Argentinian! Anyway, they overcame a seven-round CT side on Overpass to take down Nouns.

Complexity took down the hilariously named Solid, sadly likely depriving us of a Liquid vs Solid game 🫠 hallzerk got them AWPs, every damn round, and picked up 26 kills in 26 rounds to let Solid know what’s up.

paiN squished Paquetá in just eighteen rounds, with NEKIZ topfragging. Which isn’t a good sign for Paquetá. Obviously.  Could be worse, they could have lost to EG. That’d be embarrassing!

…wouldn’t it, FalleN? The plot armour has worn off, and now Imperial have been felled by even Evil Geniuses. They weren’t even supposed to be here!

Not a great start to the day for the big Brazilian teams - MIBR suffered the ignominy of getting slapped in qualification for the Rio Major, and now sit at 0-1 after losing to Flamengo. Surely they don’t falter twice in back-to-back qualifications?

A reminder that losing two games in the NA RMR does leave you out of contention, due to their being just five spots between 16 teams.

The rest of the results - for we must sleep - will be here.

April 6, 2023

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