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Elliott Griffiths
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That’s now the EG CS:GO roster, after the American juggernaut signed both Carpe Diem and Party Astronauts. The madmen actually did it.

If we zoom out a little bit, the move still looks crazy but does seem a bit more grounded in EG’s own realities. They improved their League of Legends academy roster and brought two players through to make a championship-winning team.

In principle it makes sense. It event means that they can play multiple tournaments at once. Something something monkeys and typewriters.

Is this the way to win a Major? We’re doubtful. But maybe they can GET to a Major, which would definitely be an improvement. And if nothing else, they’ve eliminated two potential competitors in the qualifier…

In other news

EG are not the only ones to add players, but everything else looks less… dramatic in comparison.

  • HAVU’s coach disturbed steps down from his role to focus on board duties.
  • Luken from South American sensation, 9z, becomes a free agent.
  • He might be joined there by 80% of 00NATION. Who in their right mind would swap malbsMb with TACO?
  • VP, or Outsiders as they’re playing as right now, have added n0rb3r7 and fame from k23, to get back up to full strength again.
  • Full strength is still some time away for NAVI, who are eyeing up potential Boombl4 replacements. According to the COO, electronic is staying on and is touted as the potential new IGL.
June 2, 2022

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