EliGE has some Ninjas for breakfast

Harry Richards
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Liquid’s move to EU is the end of an era. Letting EliGE, the organisation’s greatest ever player, leave is a surefire sign of that.

And so off he went. Offers came from EU, but he “wasn’t interested.” EG were the first NA suitors but opted to promote their academy team instead.

So, Complexity was the answer — the only viable NA team EliGE could go to.

But we’ll be honest; they’re a hell of a lot more viable now that they have EliGE on board.

In his debut at BLAST Fall Groups, EliGE slapped the now hampus-led NIP around for three maps, ending on a 1.35 average rating.

It’s the type of game Complexity often lose, down 12-9 on the T Side the deciding map. EliGE has been signed to change that — and change that he did. The comeback was on, and NIP just couldn’t get going on the CT side of what should be a CT-sided map.

In the other game on day one, Vitality destroyed EG (obviously), with flameZ having a solid debut.

More action starts soon, with the far more interesting Group B that hosts the new NAVI, Astralis, and BIG with Heroic as the final boss to test the mettle of the hatchling squads.

NAVI-Astralis headline affairs, beginning at 15:00 CEST today. So what should you expect?

Well, fewer kills from blameF — who has given several of his spots to Staehr. On the now-international NAVI side, well, some teething issues, as the team only has a short bootcamp with their transition to English full-time.

BLAST Fall Groups is rarely an event worth setting an alarm for, but it is a good chance to see some new rosters in action. EliGE and flameZ found it pretty easy on debut, but will Staehr and iM have the same experience?

We’ll see you on Monday with the answer.

July 14, 2023

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