ENCE weren't going to be there anyway...

Elliott Griffiths
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Jamppi might be VAC banned and unable to play at a Major, but ENCE don't look like going to one any time soon anyway. They're rumoured to be replacing xseven with the banned player.

The youngster is currently attempting to sue Valve for him being unable to join a team due to his VAC ban, which is going to look a bit silly if he joins a team straight away.

ENCE are pretty desperate to get back to being an actual team instead of a bad punchline to a 'not so ez 4 ENCE' joke, that they're now trying out players with VAC bans. Quite what this would mean for their Road to Rio tournaments this week and next is pretty unclear.

We'd love to see them try to qualify while one of their players is attempting to sue Valve. We're sure they'll be lenient with the rules.

April 19, 2020

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