Entropiq, the Dane slayers

Elliott Griffiths
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Remember all the hype for fnatic last year? Or Astralis with k0nfig and blameF?

Forget all that. Funspark ULTI has thrown some curveballs into the mix and tossed all of our preconceptions in the bin.

fnatic went out last with Complexity - admittedly, the latter having a player playing from a different continent - and Astralis went out in 5-6th, losing to everyone’s favourite underdog, Entropiq.

But we’ve spoken way too much about Astralis recently, so we thought we’d talk about Entropiq. Despite losing 2-1 to finalists Gambit earlier on, they’ve slayed two Danes in the lower bracket (ECSTATIC, in the end, twice, as they beat them to open up the event) and now are one game from the final.

Though El1an is the de facto superstar on the team, what makes them so intriguing is that who you think is their best player seems to depend on when you catch them. NickelBack went berserk against Astralis, Lack1 does all the time, and Krad and Forester are capable of genius too.

But in the third map against Astralis, man. That was when their superstar stood tall, picking up 37 kills and one of the filthiest AWP aces we’ve seen in a while. We like you guys; don’t go to the B site tomorrow.

They’re now facing BIG for another shot at Gambit - for both of them. Gambit 2-0’d BIG in an incredibly dominant fashion in the Upper Bracket final, but BIG outside of that have been solid so far with faveN.

Luckily for you guys, this tournament ends on a Monday for some reason; so if it’s midday when you’re reading this in Europe, or early morning in the USA, open up Twitch and watch some CS.

If it’s later than that, then pretend we just told you who won. What a game that was!

January 24, 2022

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