EPL comes to a close this weekend

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by @NovaH

Can we share a secret with you?

We're... kind of exhausted from so much good Counter-Strike.

Look, we didn't think we'd ever say it, but three best-of-threes a day from the six best teams in Europe (and as ESL says, that is the superior region) is simultaneously the best and the worst idea of all time. At least since someone allowed us to order food online.

Rising from the burning wreckage comes fnatic, who have progressed to the final. They'll take on either Astralis or mousesports, who play in the solitary semi-final.

fnatic basically smashed everyone except, bizarrely, OG. Importantly, they slapped NaVi round the mouth and told them no as they narrowly missed out on the top three, leaving s1mple heartbroken.  Or heart crying.

Astralis 2-0'd mousesports which left them both in the semi-final. While a conspiracy theorist might suggest mouz could have played in second gear in order to avoid s1mple, nobody wants to play Astralis in a semi-final either.

With a potential eight maps left, we've got one last weekend of madness left with one game on each day - but then there's NA as well.

Wait, there's NA as well?


Liquid and EG came top two and play on Friday, with FURIA beating out MIBR to earn a spot against the loser. They then face off for a place in the super-duper final on Sunday. We would say don't go out and miss a great day of CS, but...

April 9, 2020

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