EPL Group C shenanigans

Gijs Verhoeff
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There’s nothing quite like starting your midweek with some more EPL action. But of course, we know that you’ve been too busy with this thing called “life” to keep up with all the results. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

So sit down, get a coffee - or a beer, depending on when you’re reading this - and enjoy our rundown of Group C so far.

For you NA folks, this group has so far been either really satisfying or really depressing. As convincing as Team Liquid have seemed, as unconvincing have Party Astronauts been.

Liquid took on both BIG and GODSENT and put them down with ease, 2-0ing both, and topping the group for now. BIG was a bit more of a challenge — as Party Astronauts were about to find out — but GODSENT was a walk in the park.

For Party Astronauts, it was quite the opposite. With an 0-2 loss to both BIG and Gambit Players, they are off to a pitiful start and see themselves at the bottom of the group standings.

Speaking of Players, they follow close behind Liquid. Their 1-2 loss to Movistar Riders puts them in third place, with Movistar ahead of them due to their additional win against GODSENT in three maps.

That leaves only two teams, the aforementioned GODSENT and BIG. The former joins the danger zone with Party Astronauts after their bad showings against Liquid and Movistar, and the latter is still in contention but will have to wake up soon.

BIG has only three points to show after their showdowns with the NA teams and has the advantage of a positive round difference, but it’s not nearly enough if they want to qualify for playoffs.

There, you’re all caught up. No need to thank us. If you do have free time, however, Group C continues later today, but you could always wait for our next newsletter.

March 24, 2022

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