EPL Season 12 NA speedrun by FURIA

Gijs Verhoeff
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The North Americans - and all those that moved there to tag along - have finished their side of the ESL Pro League. And as it turns out, things were pretty uninteresting - with one big exceção: FURIA. They took quick care of the tournament, like they were trying to finish the entire thing before their mom called them downstairs for the third time already.

They did slip up in the group stage and finished second, but the playoffs were quite a different picture. The W-holding Brazilian specialists faced EG first, dismantling them with a 16-5 and a 16-7 as they secured their Grand Final place.

100T then bested EG in the lower bracket final to qualify for a title shot against FURIA.

But FURIA just didn't care. SPUNJ is going to be disappointed that his fellow Australians didn't manage to string together 20 rounds, but what are you going to do when arT is in your spawn 15 seconds into the round? This makes FURIA this year's most succesful Brazilian team, but it's not like the competition was close anyways.

September 27, 2020

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