EPL’s first five-team group

Elliott Griffiths
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This group might be the best of the bunch.

  • New Vitality
  • This new team ‘Outsiders’
  • FaZe off the back of Katowice (but with rain standing in for jks)
  • FURIA with saffee
  • ENCE with maden

It’s an incredible group to watch.

Wait, did we forget someone? If we forgot them, they can’t be that important.

This group is actually hard to call; Vitality are all mouth, but so far, no trousers — a hyped-up team with legendary players but as of yet, underwhelming performance. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t dying to see them play again, though.

Outsiders — or Virtus.prohibition, as we like to call them — obviously have some incredibly difficult circumstances to deal with, but are still a team who are always a dark horse for any event. When things come together for them, they always have a chance.

Guess that’s why they’re called Outsiders.

FaZe Clan don’t have jks, but they’re still one of the best teams in the world and will probably win this group; while placing FURIA and ENCE is near impossible.

Either of these teams could lose every game or win every game. Except for the win every game part. They should win a couple. ENCE are a toolbox of interesting non-superstar players while FURIA have a whole lot of firepower but seemingly no direction right now.


Sprout. They’re the other team.

We’re sure they’ll make a couple of maps close, but end up losing in a sad, but encouraging fashion. As always.

March 13, 2022

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