es3tag to contribute on and off the server

Elliott Griffiths
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"I am not here not to play" is like the least confident way anyone could be confident.

You could just say "I'm here to play" and look at least vaguely confident, but the double negative is a little concerning.

es3tag spoke to HLTV about his controversial move to Astralis - controversial for a few reasons. His move broke the monotony of Astralis' own golden five, opened up the new fad of six man rosters, and COMPLETELY screwed FunPlus Phoenix and Heroic.

He reckons there's no anger between he and his old teammates, and that they respect his choice to go to Astralis. Yes Patrick, we're SURE that's the case.

He also said he's motivated to fight for his spot, and will 'preferably [contribute] on the server', which makes us think he's cooking the dinner when he's not playing or something.

Whether or not Xyp9x and gla1ve will be there to fight for their spot is still up in the air - while gla1ve is expected to return, news around Xyp9x has been kept schtum.

Whatever happens, we're quite excited to see the new Astralis after the player break. And the Danish shuffle? Now that will be exciting.

July 9, 2020

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