ESIC investigates HUNDEN's cheating claims against Heroic

Elliott Griffiths
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We're really, really bored of talking about HUNDEN.

And we're sure ESIC and Heroic are tired of it as well. But for some reason we have to keep talking about it, because the people involved just can't stop saying dumb sh*t.

Sorry. This whole saga just makes us want to use every single swear word we've ever learnt, and invent some new ones.

Heroic had the gall to say they 'don't support cheaters', a provably wrong, outrageously idiotic and shameless statement. You can't say you don't support cheaters to defend yourself from the scandal that only occurred because... YOU rehired a convicted cheater..

Thankfully, ESIC are now investigating them (and not just investigating them for not ending their official statement with a full stop, which they should) because HUNDEN said the players knew all about it. Thank god.

We're so bored of this now.

September 9, 2021

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