ESIC unbans peacemaker after appeal

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When ESIC banned three coaches less than a week before the major, you would think that they would be one hundred percent certain in their case. Right? RIGHT?!

Apparently not. This weekend they massively reduced the suspension of Imperial’s Brazilian coach, peacemaker, who they now say did not purposefully cheat to gain a competitive advantage.

Good thing they figured that out so fast.

peacemaker served just 22 days of a suspension for the free-roam spectator bug that ESIC has been treating as the most severe of the coaching bugs.

That didn’t go over super well with the Twitterati. YNk took to Twitter to criticize the lack of due diligence on the part of ESIC, while Mnmzzz called out the inconsistency in ESIC’s approach to whether “harmless” uses of the bug did or did not deserve severe punishments.

We tend to agree with both statements, because:

a) peacemaker had to hire an independent investigator to prove his innocence

b) apparently peacemaker’s 22 days of suspension was an appropriate sanction because he missed the Major

If your team didn’t qualify for the Major and you got banned, you’re apparently shit out of luck according to ESIC.

ESIC obviously took to Twitter to clarify that peacemaker’s infraction was not even using the bug, but not reporting it. Maybe someone should have figured that out like, before the Major???

So, the TLDR: peacemaker was banned so close to the Major he couldn’t possibly appeal it in time, and upon appeal was found to have not done what ESIC said he did, when justifying the ban in the first place, resulting in that he probably shouldn’t have been banned in the first place, but since he missed the Major, it was okay that he did and now he’s fine to play again.

Yeap, we’re confused too.

May 29, 2022

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