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🐦 Irreversible life choices outed on the bird app

  • The Esports Integrity Commission is now officially “sponsored” by GGbet. There are many reads on this: From having a shared mission to end match-fixing, over to how GGbet doesn’t live up to the level of integrity that they’ll now be preaching. The jury is out, but oddly enough ESIC prevented comments on their tweet?…
  • Sick tattoo man. BuT WhAt WiLl PeOpLe SaY aBoUt iT WhEn You’Re oLD AnD WriNklY?!?
  • Stolen artwork or artistic reinterpretation? We’re not sure. All we know is that M4 skin is skyrocketing in price.

🔁 Team mania

  • Come on s1mple, you’re starting to sound like a broken vinyl the way you repeat yourself. Can’t always be your teammates, now can it?
  • “You think you know how to talk, butcha don’t” - Cloud9’s analyst probably
  • Forester gets cut by Entropiq and planted by 1WIN. Nice.
  • Germany’s SANJI is coming back to CS:GO. Welcome back tiziaN!

😮 Too iconic to ignore

  • This ESL sketch has no right being this funny, honestly.
  • Counter-Strike: Breaking records since ‘98.
  • We don’t need some super well-accredited mental coaches to tell me what to do to get better thank you. We are perfect players, it’s the team around us.

February 12, 2023

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