ESL Pro League hits Quarters

Elliott Griffiths
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Okay, so, hear this right. So far, EPL Season 13 has been fairly predictable. You had your predicted teams coming to the playoffs, in the likes of FURIA, VP, Liquid, Astralis, etc. And then you had your wild cards, like FPX, NiP, Gambit and the likes.

And all the opening games for the playoffs were pretty good as well, with FPX merely denting FURIA, G2 showing some life in a close affair against Liquid, and Complexity blowing a disappointing NaVi out of the water. All were acceptable. All but one.

We saw a strong ENCE going up against a strong VP, things were close, maps were exchanged, sweat was dripping out of all pores. Along comes map numero tres. We go to the dusty dustyness of Dust II. ENCE starts off great, racking up round after round. 15-3. Just. One. More. Round. But no, Virtus Pro starts gaining ground. "It's okay, we've got a twelve round buffer we should be fine" is probably what they thought over on ENCE's side.

But that buffer kept shrinking and shrinking, and before you could mutter "remontada", it was overtime. Things get down to the details, and buckets of sweat need to be mopped out of every player's room, as well as among the viewers - we now you guys can be sweaty, don't lie. Final score? 19-17. To VP. ENCE lost a twelve round lead, on the final map of a series. Insane. We actually spoke to Allu after the game to go through what happened.

Allu: "Actually, I remember one time we were playing against Virtus Pro, Dust II, and it was 15-3 to us. We were playing as T. VP are CT. And Snappi said, guys if you think we are good, let's prove it now."

TLDR: "Did you win?"

Allu: "Of course not. 17-19."

April 4, 2021

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