ESL Pro League Season 13 kicks off

Gijs Verhoeff
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Looking at the results of ESL Pro League so far, we found ourselves thinking: "nothing special". Up to this point we've only seen Group A in action, and none of the results had us raise a brow. That's a good thing if you like betting, but we like our tournaments with a little more... spice.

Aside from a small stumble on the side of BIG in their opening match against OG, being bested by Heroic in a close matchup, and falling to FunPlus Phoenix, there's not really much to write home about.

In conclusion: BIG bad. Or FPX good. Probably neither.

What this means - and if you've been paying attention you might already know - is that BIG trails behind everyone else, being bested - or worsted - only by Renegades, who have lost all of their games so far.

Above BIG stands FPX, then followed by OG and Complexity, and finally at the top of Group A we find Heroic.

Heroic, a team who've been doing very well, we might add. You can find three of their five players at the top of the stats page, with none of the Danes falling below the 1.0 mark. It's almost as if playing well helps you win.

But the main question for this new roster remains, who are playing their first event together, is this just the honeymoon or are we looking at a real contender? Maybe even an Astralis dethroner? Only time will tell.

March 11, 2021

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