ESL Pro League: To Score or To Bore?

Gijs Verhoeff
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Over in MIBR's nightmare region, things are looking pretty interesting when it comes to EPL. Although some of the usual faces take to the top of the two groups, like Astralis, Vitality, BIG and Na'Vi, a few surprises are to be found as well.

Like ENCE for example, who've managed to well, not be absolutely disastrous and place themselves second, for now. Heroic also showed they've recovered from the entire coach kerfuffle, closing off Group A's top four so far.

Over in Group B, FaZe have been about as disappointing as we've been to our parents. With zero games won so far, it would almost start to look like letting a headshot machine IGL isn't the best idea in the world. Props for trying though, someone had to.

Well, not really, but whatever helps you sleep at night. The biggest surprise there would also be Complexity, who are once again confirming their status of Juggernaut. If only there was a Colossus to take them on...

We're going to be honest here, [EPL in NA](EPL in NA) has been pretty boring so far. All the favourite teams - which we know is subjective, but we don't think you'll mind us choosing EG, FURIA, Liquid and 100T - are looking like they will get out of the group, with Cloud9 trailing just behind.

Of course there is still time for the other teams to catch up, but there is also still plenty of time for the top four to continue their good work. It's so boring even our prediction is a fifty-fifty.

September 13, 2020

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