Even Carlos says no to Bowling. Or does he?

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • G2's owner Carlos Rodriguez has said on Twitter that huNter's cousin won't be joining NiKo's cousin in the team. This means that he might be joining after all, or might not be joining at all. It's complicated
  • In one of the rare moments FURIA's players aren't holding W, they've been held back by Valve. The solution is easy and we're on Team Haci here.
  • Perfecto's positive Covid test wasn't positive at all - yes we know it's a bad joke, we just love double-entendres - as it forced the team to postpone their match against forZe, who they eventually lost to as well.
  • What a crazy storyline that would be for adreN, if he eventually outranked Liquid. Can't win as a coach? Just go back to playing!
  • SirScoots is a master at the art of subtweeting. And we absolutely appreciate it.
  • Okay we know it's VALORANT, but who cares, we're the ones writing this thing. GUILD's roster announcement was pretty dope if you ask us.
  • Nivera's addition to Vitality has been pretty younger-brother-like so far. We wonder when he'll realize the controller isn't plugged in.
  • Aerial has taken an indefinite medical leave, and ENCE are skipping the Elisa Invitational as a result of this. We wish him a swift recovery and the rest he needs.
October 22, 2020

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