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Elliott Griffiths
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The next tournament up is IEM Beijing-Haidian, which surely could have a shorter name, given the event is online.

You know the deal - the best 16 teams in Europe (and therefore, the world, as we now know) split into eight, Vitality play Spirit again (which seems to happen every tournament), Heroic will beat North again, and we bet that OG's falling short of winning. Again...

There's a whole lot of Scandinavian, or Nordic (Swedish people don't like calling Danish people Scandinavian, I'm told) blood in Group B, with North, Astralis, Heroic, NiP, ENCE and karrigan all in one place. If only we could have had fnatic and MAD Lions in that group, that would have been great.

Unless, you're a North fan. But we wouldn't know anything about that.

Another place we can see North is at DreamHack Winter, as they've been invited to that amongst a host of better teams. Two of Poland, c0ntact, Endpoint and Gambit will join those teams from the qualifier.

The most exciting upcoming tournament is the BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Showdown, which also should have a shorter name. It has Colossus9 and the NA teams in the mix with EU teams, instantly making it the most interesting one.

November 5, 2020

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