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Elliott Griffiths
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💣 Learning nades

  • Don’t worry about learning nades on CS2, everyone has already done it for you before it’s out.
  • If even our story was too long for you, ESL handily put out a video on it, voiced by our own aizyesque. If it wasn’t already obvious, he’s writing this section today. Unbiased opinion: his video is great. Honest.
  • You could always just not bother learning stuff. Hasn’t seemed to hurt rain’s career.

🔄 Roster moves, ish

  • sdy is burnt out from playing thousands of maps in the last month (minor embellishment). He’s being replaced by marix for the moment.
  • niko has entered free agency after his trial with OG ended. Yeah, his trial. No, we didn’t know either.
  • draken is benched, along with RuStY. Wow, who could have seen this coming.

📝 Miscellaneous

  • Hugo has ruined CSGO. Good job CS2 is coming soon.
  • device reckons Staehr is quite good. He is, but you also said Astralis were several steps behind NIP when you joined NIP, mate, so forgive us for not trusting your word.
June 11, 2023

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