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Harry Richards
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Illustration by Fuffy. Source: EG (vorborg, stanislaw), Brehze, Bitcasino (cerq), liquipedia (Nelan), muensterGG (EG.PA), RUSH, HeXT, autimatic, RGB Esports (wiz, chop, walco)

Now onto Tier 2: the North Americans — who are trying to get rid of as many north Americans as possible

EG have benched their inspirational leader Stewie2K (who deserves it) and RUSH (who didn’t really do anything — right or wrong).

In their place, they looked to Europe. The ever-unreliable Blix.gg linked them with Hooxi, which seemed like a good move, and nealaN, which seemed like a.. weird move. But was actually true.

The 22-year-old Kazakhstani IGL moves from K23, where he played with flukey Major winners like AdreN, and mou.

We can only presume, then, that he’s rubbing his hands together in anticipation for leading the even flukier Major-winner autimatic.

For the other spot, the Geniuses (ha) targeted flailing support player misuutaa, who apEX and Vitality are done playing with.

That was, until someone reminded them that they signed 10 players a month ago. North American players, who would let EG’s new sponsor fulfillment centre superteam skip the difficult EU RMR.

So, they got out their ‘BluEpRiNt’, shut their eyes, and picked out a random name.

The player they landed on was HexT. Not heard of him? Us neither.

We’ll help: here’s a photo of him with Ryan. Nothing else needs to be said **to ruin his rep.

Finally, EG needed a new coach, deciding on Copenhagen Flames’ old manager Vorborg.

Surprisingly, this seems like a fairly competent decision — old Vorborg is single-handedly responsible for the assembly of that falmes squad with all those major runs.

But let’s not get carried away. EG returned to their usual nonsense by signing stanislaw for their C-team, pairing him with RUSH after promoting HexT and removing star player CLASIA for good-old fashioned “out-of-server” issues.

17th time lucky, eh stan?

Complexity, meanwhile, have removed their bad American AWPer for a mediocre Norwegian one

Oh, and Liquid’s simping for YEKINDAR seems to have paid off; the Latvian has signed on for BLAST groups, with Jokasteve promising “long-term” news soon.

At least one fcker over the pond is making good moves.*

August 14, 2022

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