Evil Geniuses roll the dice

Elliott Griffiths
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Evil Geniuses are making some changes.

More surprising is the changes they’re actually making. Stewie2k is out, which, duh, but RUSH is also apparently out. Stewie would be replaced by HooXi or nealaN, with valde supposedly being the one to replace RUSH.

That’s all good. Just one question.


Brehze and CeRq’s contracts supposedly end soon, and RUSH is something of a reliable consistent player. So… we’ll just cut him and keep the guys who are leaving soon.

Who have been crap for a few years now.

Maybe the plan is that a new (real) IGL would fix Brehze and CeRq’s form. Maybe it’s that the whole team is going to be changed and it’s just a waiting game for those two to leave. Maybe it’s just that valde is a good anchor in similar positions to RUSH.

valde seemingly has the worst taste in teams you can imagine. North, OG and EG in the space of about four years. That’s like if Boombl4 decided to date Amber Heard and then Cruella Deville, or something.

Still, he’d be making a metric ton of cash, which would probably help the situation.

July 7, 2022

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