Evil Geniuses save NA

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Starladder / Igor Bezborodov

EG with Ethan looked pretty bad in recent events, but if they had oBo, they would win(d).

Terrible music puns aside, it's time to get excited if you're an NA fan. No, that's not sarcasm like it has been for a while. oBo is actually back, and it's on one of the best teams in the region. Losing Ethan was a blow, but oBo staying in CS and actually playing on a good team again? That almost makes up for it.

EG have tracked down the last remaining NA CS player not on a team, and they didn't even have to stoop down to picking up ptr or... jesus, there's really nobody left in NA. Bad News Bears are literally the second best American team on HLTV. This is a crisis.

Some of you are probably wondering why EG picked up oBo after the homesickness debacle - but there's a few solutions. Potentially, the team won't spend an entire season away from home; potentially, the youngster is in a better place mentally.

Perhaps he's realised that it's EG or go to VALORANT, and he really hates being RPG'd. Who knows.

Whatever the reasons for oBo's return, we're glad to see a talented American player back in a top team. The saviour of NA is back. Maybe.

March 7, 2021

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