ex-Cloud9 finds new home

Gijs Verhoeff
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In a kidney destroying move, the South-African and American mix we knew as Bravado, turned ATK, turned Cloud9, turned ex-Cloud9 has evolved to another stage of its development as, hopefully, a contender team in the Counter-Strike scene.

Their new organisation? Extra Salt. We've never heard of them, but let's hope they don't act like the Romans and pay their soldiers in salt. Although that's still better than not getting paid at all.

While you should always watch out, as they say, and never put all your salt in one basket. Because usually baskets are woven and it'll just fall out like you're putting it through a strainer. That didn't make any sense, but neither does the name Extra Salt, to be fair.

This roster's most notable achievement together is coming fourth in the first season of Flashpoint - a tournament they only got into because their organisation is a founding member - losing in the Lower Bracket to HAVU Gaming. Yikes.

A lot has changed since then however, and with one player spot still open on this roster, we can only say we hope the best is yet to come for these guys, as we think their respective scenes deserve it.

December 14, 2020

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