Exclusive interview with the Echoes 2019 producer

Phillip Rasmussen
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Illustration by Crash_

Here at TLDR we're suckers for both CS:GO (duh) and classic fragmovies, so we wanted to celebrate the premiere by giving you a rare peek behind the curtain. What is the process for realizing a project like Echoes, how many times did their video editing software crash and how come that 3K we submitted isn't in there?

We had the chance to sit down and for an exclusive interview with one of the producers behind the Echoes-franchise, Anthony Perfetto, about why in the world he and Daniel Hagelin would take on such a momentous project (hint: it's not for the fame and women).

There are a lot of really cool insights into how a CS fragmovie comes to life, but the TL;DR is this - Anthony and Daniel really just love CS to their core.

When we asked Daniel what spurred him to start doing Echoes, he said "Bluntly put, we weren’t happy with the quality of the movies being released that covered the year’s best frags. They were usually rushed and not given the love that they deserve. We want to do justice to all the great moments of our game".

Hearts in the chat for Anthony and Daniel.

July 16, 2020

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