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Elliott Griffiths
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Maybe losing your best player will have adverse effects on your ability to be a good team. Hey, is that North's music playing?

When EXTREMUM decided to build the Asian Minor superteam, there was hardly a massive buzz of excitement across the oceans. 100 Thieves were already a little stale, and losing the shining light jks was only going to make the roster less exciting.

Yet for some reason, some people still assumed they would be good. Apparently. The hype around BnTeT might have contributed to that a little, but the guy hasn't really lived up to the insane promise he appeared to have a few years ago.

AZR did an interview with HLTV where he bemoaned his team's lack of 'winning mentality' as though that's the reason they don't win. Newsflash, every football pundit ever - you don't win because of winning mentality, you have a winning mentality because you win.

Look, the CS scene is significantly more boring when there's no Oceanic pride around, so begrudgingly we do want EXTREMUM to be decent again. Just, not that good, you know. Like how you want your little brother to do well at school, but just slightly worse than you.

April 2, 2021

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