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We haven't seen someone drop their own stock this hard during a podcast since Elon Musk had some of the devil's lettuce with Joe Rogan.

allu did some talking with the HLTV boys, and then all hell broke loose. sergej started tweeting like a 15 year old girl (though admittedly, he is about that old), suNny had a fence so far up his backside he got splinters and ENCE pretended they had no idea all of their players hated each other.

Aerial and xseveN left to join HAVU, despite being 'burnt out', only adding credence to sergej's tweets. Whilst allu admitted he had been a bad teammate at times on ENCE, he might have been underselling himself.

The last group of people to try so hard to get away from allu were Monster Energy, for obvious reasons.

ENCE are now absolutely ballsed (not in the same way as allu (NSFW), obviously) for RMR points, losing them all for changing the roster too much, and their best player still being VAC banned.

In short, ENCE are in trouble. They don't have a full roster, allu is hated by half of the Finnish scene now, they cut the best IGL in the country on his recommendation and their best player can't play in Majors.

At least they're having fun, though.

As if that wasn't enough, late last night DeKay dropped a nuclear bomb. suNny is expected to join GODSENT instead of keeping emi. Who's going to IGL that team? No IGL, just vibes.

December 20, 2020

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