eZaF for FaZe?

Phillip Rasmussen
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The world is healing, and so is the Major cycle. For the Regional Major Rankings, we are back to a Swiss qualifying system that sees EU and CIS teams mixed for the first time.

Which means to say that we’re back to business as usual:

  • Either FaZe or NAVI will screw it up in Group A and not become Legends
  • A CIS team will surprise everyone with their unorthodox playstyle and qualify against all odds
  • BIG is going to go 2-0 and then fail to win three consecutive games

Speaking of BIG, the goddess of timing was on their side when the seeding happened for the group stage. While they are currently ranked below both OG and MOUZ, they sat just above them when the Bucholz draw happened.

That means instead of facing either of the two international rosters in their first game, they are up against sAw. Not that the Portuguese outfits are an easy task by any means of imagination, but they don’t quite have the firepower of the former two.

Elsewhere, woxic and Xantares’ Eternal Fire go up against FaZe, while Vitality meets the retirement home Swedish-Norwegian Dignitas-outfit.

The two most interesting matchups however are OG vs MOUZ and Heroic vs forZe, mainly because they’re the most balanced ones.

OG vs MOUZ because they’re neck and neck in the world rankings, and Heroic vs forZe because you never know which version of Heroic (or forZe) shows up for the match. Is it ESL Pro League-winning Heroic or the other one?

April 14, 2022

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