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Phillip Rasmussen
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What's the first thing you do, when you become the coach of a team?

Build solid fundamentals? Evaluate the team composition? Retweet Coach Quotes on Twitter?

None of the above if you ask BIG's new coach enkayJ, who used his first interview with HLTV, to spin the narrative that syrsoN is a better AWPer than sh1ro.

Did he really just say that?

Now we're on board with syrsoN as a great role-player and the man's probably the best scout-player in the world.

But... sh1ro is top 3 player of the year in 2021 with 1.24 rating against top 20 teams, while syrsoN is at 1.06. It's not even a close call here.

Anyway it's all a moot point, because sh1ro nailed syrsoN and BIG to the wall in the V4 Future Festival semi-final with one of his best performances this year.

  • 53-21 K:D ratio
  • 103.5 ADR
  • 92% KAST (!!!)
  • 1.85 ratingTh

Ah, and sh1ro went 10-3 in the heads-up duel on AWP vs AWP against syrsoN. Case closed.

The Best of 5 Grand Final against Entropiq, was a different matter altogether. With $171,000 up for grabs for the winner, and Russian hotshot El1an on the opposing side, Gambit struggled for control during most of the match.

So much indeed, that Entropiq threatened to turn a 0-2 into a reverse sweep after winning Overpass and Mirage.

But then nafany and Hobbit stepped up on Dust2 and and went +31 combined in 20 rounds. And that was it. A double 2.05 rating for the duo and Entropiq had to accept 2nd place and $68,000 in prize money,

Meanwhile nafany and co. can enjoy a well-deserved victory and keep chasing the 2nd place of 2021. With two tournaments left in the year, they're closer than ever to the elusive #1 spot.

November 21, 2021

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