FaZe are all mic’d up

Gijs Verhoeff
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😮 Players that popped off

  • FaZe’s win at Kato is even better with their comms.
  • We noticed, YEKINDAR, because FL1T has - you guessed it - popped off.
  • TyLoo really went hard, just to lose.

😵‍💫 Players that fell off

  • Okay, okay, misleading title. Technically Nifty fell off but landed in a better place.
  • Goes to show how far NA is willing to go to get back on top. We feel bad for you RUSH.

💼 Buzy business

  • If you ever need a job description for GM of an esports team, messioso has got you covered.
  • Having to choose between your job and your home? We can’t even imagine how torn m0nesy is.
April 17, 2022

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