FaZe are choking again

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FaZe CSGO choke at BLAST

Illustration by NovaH.

Imagine the scene: FaZe has a 15-7 lead on Inferno over Vitality, a lead that was 12-3 after their T side. At this point, everyone knows what happens next; FaZe loses. Again.

To be fair to FaZe, that wasn’t the case in all of their matches on Sunday; in fact, they ended the day with a win over Vitality that secured first place in their group. But FaZe opened the day badly, barely winning against a struggling Liquid in overtime before their brutal loss to Vitality dropped them to the lower bracket.

They beat both teams again to secure the group and force Liquid into a matchup with NaVi, but what will be remembered from that performance is that inferno match where FaZe couldn’t win on eight attempts including several rounds where they had what seemed like game-ending advantages.

Liquid, meanwhile, weren’t able to beat FaZe twice in overtime in one day, setting themselves up for a clash with NaVi so North American fans are going to have to hope that NaVi’s performance on Saturday is their new standard and they’re actually washed.

Vitality meanwhile escapes having to play on Thursday; instead, they’re set up for a matchup against the winner of the Complexity/MIBR contest which is sure to be a real barn burner.

The final already decided matchup is sure to be almost as exciting, with the struggling BIG and Evil Geniuses facing off. For those who aren’t tracking it, that means all three North American teams could be eliminated on day one. It certainly is a time to be a North American fan.

January 30, 2022

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