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Source: @twistzzcs and Kasper C

The Canadian version of the aim-bot that is, (well, was) ScreaM, has finally signed with a team after the player break, and it turns out DeKay's rumors were true: Twistzz is going to FaZe Clan.

After being rumored to be going everywhere - from OG (replacing ISSAA) to mousesports (we have zero clue what was going to happen here) to our personal hope of EXTREMUM, he ended up on the theoretical European super team.

Twistzz replaces Kjaerbye on the team, confirming the current roster to be coldzera, olofmeister, broky, rain and Twistzz. As per speculation, karrigan will likely join FaZe when his contract with mousesports is up in March and take olof's spot.

If you want some more on Kjaerbye and his potential locations - keep your eyes peeled for a new TL;DR podcast coming your way this week!

Karrigan with a superstar team under the FaZe Clan org? It'll never work.

Twistzz should now have an experienced IGL in karrigan, and FaZe might be able to have a functional super team instead of a constantly underperforming one. This feels like deja vu.

In a delicious stroke of irony, the first official match with Twistzz that FaZe have on the books, is against Team Liquid in Blast Premier Spring, perfectly bookending a career at Team Liquid.

TL;DR's new recruit Logan is a big Liquid fan, so we gave him the chance to spill his heart out. Just don't imagine the backing track to Eminem's 'Stan' while reading it.

Russ, we miss you already. We wish it could have worked out. We wanted things to get better, we wanted the team of pure aim gods, without a real AWPer, without an experienced IGL, with more firepower then 2018 FaZe, we wanted it to work.

We are going to miss the man who told Fallen to "SIT THE F**K DOWN", we're going to miss the man who took on the French prodigy and his gang and had Sadokist tell the world that "MAPLE SYRUP IS JUST ANOTHER FORM OF LIQUID", the greatest Canadian player of all time and one of the greatest North American players ever to play the game. We're going to miss you Russ, we wish you the best.

From, Liquid fans around the world.

February 1, 2021

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