FaZe Clan stake their claim

Elliott Griffiths
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karrigan from faze clan

Source: ESL

Though rain was set to miss the arena due to COVID, FaZe took the quarters and semis by storm.

Gambit were first to fall at FaZe’s feet, with ropz and stand-in jks slicing and dicing them open on Dust 2 - the onliners struggled to find their footing on LAN, and that much was clear.

You don’t mess with karrigan on LAN, and you certainly don’t do it if you’re not used to LAN.

Though sh1ro had his moments - not least on Inferno - he wasn’t even the best clutcher in that game. broky was the highest rated player going into the grand final, and also had the most clutches in the tournament.

He was going berserk, and had his own highlight in that game too.

FaZe won that series with ease - 16-5 and then 16-11 - before doing almost exactly the same to Heroic. 16-11 into 16-5. Once again, broky topped the charts, closely followed by new boy ropz - as if to remind us all how much firepower this team had.

We haven’t even spoken about Twistzz, yet.

You can’t spell FaZe Clan without LAN, and they burnt the online sinners at the stake in Katowice. But their biggest test was yet to come - their old friend, and their newest enemy. NiKo.

February 27, 2022

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